Wednesday, July 8, 2015


     Besides being a lover of dance, I am also a lover of musical theatre. I've been in a few musicals (Beauty and the Beast, Brigadoon, and Hairspray). The director of Hairspray messaged me one day last fall and asked if I would be in her company's 10 year anniversary show. She was doing a number from Hairspray and wanted to know if I could be in it. I said yes, because I loved being in the show, and again, I love musical theatre.

     I was told that we were doing Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now and Without Love (later was cut because Seaweed couldn't make it). I was thinking about what part I would be doing because in the show, I wasn't in that number. It was just the lead girls and their mamas. Plus some young girls in the scaffolding dressed in jammies. I'm 29 so I was starting to think "There's no way I'm playing a kid, right? I apparently look 18ish but I can't see playing a kid. Could I be Tracy?!" but pushed that aside because NO WAY.

     I turned up for the first rehearsal for this number and the only people there were the women playing Penny and Amber, and their stage moms. Inside, I'm dancing because again, NO WAY.

    I was Tracy. I was cast as Tracy. Because I was asked specifically to be in this and was a lead, I was treated almost like VIP. I only was expected to be at a few rehearsals and one was the dress rehearsal. Then we had two weekends of performances. Eight shows. It was awesome!

Some photos:

My costume. I looooved it! Made just for me!

The 'do.

It's TRACY!!

Tracy and her bff Penny

Tracy and Velma Von Tussle...

...who are basically sworn enemies.

Me (back there) singing "I know that you want what's best(...but mother please, GIVE IT A REST!)"

hahaha Here I am, singing "Once upon a time, I was a shy, young thing. Could barely walk and talk, so much as dance and sing. (But let me hit that stage, I wanna take my bow, 'cause, Mama, I'm a big girl now!)

"Mama, I'm a big girl now!" *end pose*

                   I will never forget this experience. I want to be in 5038275 more shows!



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    1. Oh, yeah, definitely! I miss doing musical theatre. I want to do so much more!