Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back To Production 2

     Today was the first day of the new semester at ye olde community college. I mostly take dance classes, essentially using it as a dance studio, since it's so much cheaper than a regular studio. But guys, the productions are phenomenal, as are the instructors.

     The Dance Production classes are basically classes where you just learn dances to perform in the dance concert. No breaking down technique...just learning the numbers. It's expected that you have or are simultaneously taken/taking technique classes. I always try to take technique as well.

     I am in two Dance Production classes, as usual, so what I'm going to do is call the more ballet class Dance Production 1, and then call the more difficult more modern/ballroom one Dance Production 2. It's just easier.

     So, today was the first day back. After taking roll, giving out new codes for those still needing to add, and going over the syllabus, the instructor, L.G., took a few minutes to go to the faculty locker room to change, and then we were off! We start dancing the first day in that class, so it's good for those of us returning because we know to be dressed for dance already.

     We started off with a modern number I've done twice before. It's to a Leonard Cohen song, and I just love it. So I'm standing in front, because I learn best that way, ...and love being in front. We learned like...a minute of it? Yeah. Intense, but I love it.

     She had actually broken the class up into two groups: partners and non-partners. I'm not really thin and there are a ton of lifts/aerials, so I get put in the non-partner group but stuff like that. Sometimes it upsets me, but there's not much I can do, except continue to work on losing weight. I've already lost about 80lbs and have another 80 or so to go.

    This particular piece has a lot of contractions, non-ballet attitudes (on forced-arch foot, or side) and some floor movement, for example. I really love modern.

The next dance we started working on was a modern 1 (less advanced) dance I started learning in Modern 1 class last Spring. It's to an Avicii song I'm not crazy about, but the dance is alright, I suppose. Not my favorite, but not bad. Just kind of resides somewhere in the middle for me. Honestly, Modern 1 dances are usually like that for me. I like Modern 2 dances. Tougher, faster, more ...stuff. Which brings me to...

    Modern 2 dance. It's to an apparent popular song, which I wouldn't really know because I mainly listen to musical theatre music. lol. I didn't take Modern 2 last semester so the whole thing is new to me but guys...I LOVE IT. It's sad sounding (I love sad shit, ha), lots of turns, and technique. Perfect. I can't wait to continue with that one. As it's more advanced, it's going to be auditioned, but I'm hoping it will be alright. I usually do well with these, but quite a few people in there knew it already from last semester's class.

     L.G. was going to let everyone go home after that but she changed her mind. She decided that since it was so early, we would start the waltz. We don't often do waltzes, it's usually more tango or chacha/salsa, so I was a bit excited. And...NO LIFTS. I was sooo hoping to be partnered...especially since my boyfriend is in the class (though he was partnered for someone else for the first modern one...sigh). We did a cha-cha together last Spring and took Latin Ballroom together that semester, so I was crossing my fingers. But then, L.G. said she would keep the same partners that were paired in the first number. *cue saddest face ever from me* BUT THEN, L.G. said "...except for...Erika, why don't you go partner [Boyfriend]?" His other partner went and sat down and L.G. said it was due to the fact that we've taken Ballroom together and dance well together. YAY!! I'm so have NO IDEA.

     So, we started rehearing the waltz. The song is beautiful and so far, I'm loving the choreography. It's seriously lovely. This semester is shaping up to be completely awesome.

Until next time! (Hopefully tomorrow)

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