Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Littles, Biggies, dance in general

     So, it's been quite some time since I've written (bad Erika!). Life has been pretty crazy hectic so blogging has been put on the back burner. I really need to make it more consistent.

     I begun working at a dance studio in February. Or, rather, I was hired in February, but began actually teaching in March. I started out teaching Intermediate Ballet for ages 12 and up (adults included). My first class was just my boyfriend. He signed up to take a class partially so that I can figure out how to cram everything -- warm-up, barre, across the floor, center -- into just an hour. I'm used to taking hour and a half long technique classes. Also, he wanted to take ballet. It took a few classes for me to iron out how to manage just an hour, but eventually I got it.

   I ended up, at one point, having three full-time students. By full-time, I mean that they paid for the month and got four classes, one class a week. My first dance was to Step In Time from Mary Poppins. It was okay, but I was starting out with choreographing my own dance and that song was familiar to me. I never finished the choreography because my students ended up dropping due to work and the class time changing, which was a real bummer.

   A friend of mine was teaching a Littles ballet class (ages 5-8) and after a couple of months, ended up quitting and giving her class to me because she likes my experience and level of technique. So that's really awesome because now I have two classes and the kids really are darling--most of the time. Ha. That age range is a little tough.

 We currently are at the end of rehearsing for our upcoming show that's December 22nd, so I've got two pieces in that show. It's so exciting! I absolutely love choreographing so it's very exciting that my choreography that I've worked hard on and ended up totally loving is going to be seen by tons of people! My Littles are doing a dance to Christmas, Don't Be Late--that Chipmunks song--and they have so much fun doing it and look ADORABLE. My sole older student and I are doing a duet to Hello by Evanescence. This one took the most work, as I really didn't want any repeat sections and wanted to pour some emotion into it, therefore making it slightly lyrical. But it's my class and my choreography so I was able to take creative liberties. I'm very excited for this show.

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