Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Art and Missing It

     So, I have realized lately how badly I miss drawing. I've always had a connection to all things artsy. I have a passion for dance and music. I love musical theatre. I love art and drawing. I took art class for three years in high school. Drawing and Cartooning, to be specific. I entered art contests in elementary school and would get ribbons for doing a pretty good job. I've never been the best at it, but I did well enough to where I usually placed. In middle school, I entered a drawing and it was put in a newspaper article for young artists or something like that. If I remember right, it was a sketch I did of my monster Tigger bean-filled stuffed animal. I have a few sketchbooks filled with sketches and cartoons. I have always wanted to get better at drawing, mostly sketching and realistic drawings. When I see photos of women in ballet attire or dancing, I see the beauty of the photo, along with the beauty of the dance pose but I also really want to draw it.
     My cousin Randi and my friend Sheika have made me want to get back into drawing again. Both are excellent at drawing realistic drawings and also drawing cartoons. I hooked up with a couple of websites* that I am going to use to help me get better at drawing. one is free and the other costs only a dollar, so that is a definite plus. I still have (limited) room in the few sketchbooks I have but I am going to eventually purchase more. I want to do this again. I will post my progress on here, which both ladies do. It's a good idea because it gives us an outside look at how others may see our work. I will try to use the scanner at work to scan the drawings, as I don't believe a camera phone will do well enough.

Let's do this!!


*Free site: http://www.drawspace.com/   (username: hysterika )
*$1: https://www.drawing-tutorials-online.com/members/login.cfm?hpage=Step_One__Sketchbook.cfm

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